Santos Lab | Branding to change the agriculture

An agriculture management brand that uses drones and technologies

Santos Lab | Branding to change the agriculture

An agriculture management brand that uses drones and technologies

Transforming data into accurate information that guarantees the best result

Santos Lab is a company that believes in the development of agriculture in Brazil, helping to solve the socio-economic problems of the sector to overcome the challenge of food production in the world. The company develops cutting-edge technologies with agricultural intelligence to ensure increased production through the optimization of processes and results.


What was the challenge to be solved by Criamia?

Today’s agriculture is constantly changing and is definitely not the same as in the 20th century. Old and new challenges call for new strategies. Santos Lab needed to communicate its differentials, and a new communication structure was needed. As a relevant company in the sector, Santos Lab needed to develop a striking language to communicated to its target audience in the areas of agriculture, technology and sales. The company still needed ways and strategies to reach the national market and present itself not only as an innovation, but as a solution.


What is the solution?

We developed a branding project that included the creation of a visual identity and tone of voice suited to the brand. Reflecting a superior quality service, the trust and partnership that each Santos Lab customer feels in their experience with the company. A new brand with modern and technological elements brought the strength and security that the company’s image lacked. The new colors and graphic language repositioned the company to operate in the countryside, without taking away the technological and scientific personality of the city.

The branding project performs in several applications of the company, from store ambiance, uniforms, website and promotional materials, to the customer experience in each consultancy and meeting.


What is the result?

With more effective and organized communication, brand architecture, and language, the company is now able to communicate its results more clearly and its presence in the market has gained strength in less than a year. In the first quarter of implementation of the new branding, the company achieved a 50% growth in revenue, with a projection of a 400% increase by the end of the referred year. More customers mean more efficient results and greater cultivation and national production.

Santos Lab: you reap what we saw.



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