Creating unforgettable experiences

Criamia is a Design, Business and Dreams studio founded in 2011, which connects people to businesses, through innovation and communication strategies that strengthen the relationship between dreams and brands.

We help make businesses profitable for people by establishing memorable exchanges and building unforgettable experiences.

Our goal is to show the potential of Design as an instrument that transforms lives and markets, elevating Design and the businesses involved to a level of desire and inspiration, creating human connections with the present and the future.

Since 2011, a Design, Business and Dreams studio.

Criamia is located in Rio de Janeiro, from Leme to Pontal, coloring dreams and transforming them into results.

What is your dream? How are you taking care of your dream and the dreams of your customers?

Criamia: a studio for Design, Business and Dreams, and People.


  • We believe in the power of dreams.
    What is your Dream?
  • Creativity and Happiness are bonded
    Are you Happy?
  • We need Chocolates, smiles and Sunny Days
    The M&M's machine is full?
  • Every form of life deserves respect
    Are you inspired by Nature?
  • Design can change our world for the better
    Together we can fly higher


coloring dreams

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