MiOca | Visual Identity

Do nordeste para todo o Brasil

MiOca | Visual Identity

Do nordeste para todo o Brasil

MiOca | Childhood in the soil

An experimental project but full of purpose. MiOca didn’t just want to sell children’s clothes, he wanted to rescue lost childhood and spontaneity. It was an honor for Criamia to develop the Identity of a brand with such a beautiful purpose!

What was the challenge to be solved by Criamia?

MiOca is a brand that believes in the power of childhood to form great adults. However, MiOca needed to form its Visual Identity first. One that was delicate and, at the same time, strong to represent the origin and values ​​that the brand carries.

What was the solution?

Experience the children’s and creative universe.

For the construction of the Visual Identity, the children’s way of writing was used, with movements and traits present in this stage of life. That is, we draw a connection between the act of writing with those who are in the literacy period.

The MiOca palette, on the other hand, took into account elements that are very present in children’s drawings: the sun and the sky, main points also for those who live in rural environments. The brand’s colors refer to the land of the hinterland, matrix of much of the Northeastern culture!

What was the result?

Expressiveness and keen curiosity.

Colors, lightness, innocence, playfulness and representation. It is in this context that MiOca’s Visual Identity emerges. A brand that refers to painting made with the hands, a behavior that has been with us since the origins of humanity and that uses techniques such as monotype, brings the child an interest in looking and experimenting.

In addition, the earthworm, traced by the brown of the earth and its own body, is the central character of the brand. It changes places, appearing in other letters, hours in one way, hours in another. But it always carries with it the joy and energy that the MiOca brand wants to convey.


Introducing MiOca:

Respect for the child and the rescue of childhood.

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graphic design | 2019
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