Trade Dress for an Artistic Makeup Artist

Make Up and Beauty Art

Trade Dress for an Artistic Makeup Artist

Make Up and Beauty Art

Trade Dress | Gahbie Beauty Artist

When Gahbie came to us she was frustrated because she did not have a Trade Dress. Not by chance, that was a great meeting that resulted in a beautiful project.

What was the challenge to be solved by Criamia?

Gahbie is not an ordinary make-up professional. She is a great artist, a great Make-up Artist. Our challenge was to translate all Gahbie’s talent and glamour into an exclusive Trade Dress.

What is the solution?

Dream with the trade dress of your dreams.


The first step was to understand the makeup artist’s story. She has a great connection with her entire process of creation and journey. Besides an artistic makeup artist, she was once a swimming teacher. We immersed ourselves in a fluid world of transformation. Providing bridal make-up and make-up for movies, Gahbie transforms a person into a Super Hero or the good guy into a villain. Gahbie’s Trade Dress should reflect all this artistic sensibility.

What is the result?

Divine Beauty.

Gahbie’s Trade Dress represents the personification of the bright pink female world. It intends to shock. It intends to have people falling in love with it. It is complete, strong, and has personality. Self-esteem. The artist’s Trade Dress is pure art, it is a dip in the essence of the artist’s creation. Texture, movement and beauty. The junction of the seabed with the magic of a quite perfect makeup. A transformation applied in pink, tiffany blue and brown tones. We draw the attention to the outstanding makeup artist’s eyeglasses. In the art she creates, Gahbie’s eyes is projected through the super charming glasses of her look in the day to day.

In the brand, the H represents the mirror and the typography is inverted to imply the behavior of the mirrored look.

The makeup as the mirror of the soul.

One of the most beautiful moments I ever witnessed was the excitement she felt while we presented the brand to her.


You can be whomever you want to be.

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