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Design, Business and Dreams

What does Criamia do?

We diagnose people’s needs and develop brand strategies, innovation processes, identity and experience through financially responsible, profitable and relevant services and products, creating stronger brands and businesses.

What is your dream?
Our purpose is to work to color dreams, that is: to make them real.

Everyone dreams.

Our goal is to bring that dream to reality.

How do we help your business?
We believe that Design, Art and Technology are tools that can transform people’s reality and that, aligned with perception and innovation strategies, connect dreams to businesses and businesses to people; creating memorable relationships and exciting experiences.

When to look for Criamia?

In building a dream;
In the construction, strengthening or repositioning of the brand and corporate image;
In the search for prominence and differentiation from the competition;
In building the value of a brand;
In the management of communication and brand experience;
Creation of Visual, Sound and Olfactory Identity;
Editorial, signage, packaging and promotional projects;
Graphic Design Projects;
Design of retail environments, fairs and other spaces;
In website development and digital interfaces;
Communication and digital planning;
In the planning, production and management of Digital Marketing;
In the development of innovative products and services;
Design and strategy for the development of a startup;
In building creative processes for business;
Building impactful experiences.

When you simply want to have a chocolate, come visit us and meet our puppies! We love a new friend!


  • Strategic Design | Branding
    Strategies to recognize the value and purpose of your brand, transforming business into memorable relationships.
  • Graphic Design
    Intense and meaningful expressions for inspiring brands.
  • Product Design
    Development of products that connect people to unforgettable experiences.
  • Digital Design
    Design for development and connection of business, people and technology.
  • Service Design
    Processes to ensure competitive, relevant and human centered services.
  • Design for Innovation
    Imersão, diagnóstico e projeção da inovação no futuro do seu negócio.
  • Design Thinking
    Processes used in Design to develop brands, processes, businesses and people.

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