Dudu Garcia | Personal Dancer

Personal Dancer

Dudu Garcia | Personal Dancer

Personal Dancer

Dudu Garcia is a professor trained in Dance at UFRJ, whose greatest desire was to convey his Brazilianness, joy, self-care and also to promote well-being among his students.

A lively young black man who breaks barriers and exceeds expectations, managing to help anyone find in dance a way to live a fuller life, Dudu is a lover of the arts who found his best form of expression in dance. His main objective is to bring Brazilian dance to all people who want to learn, after all, dancing is for everyone!

What was the challenge to be solved by Criamia?

Dudu chose Criamia driven by the desire to create a unique visual identity with a symbol that would position him in a differentiated place within his market. This symbol would bring the lightness, care and joy that Dudu always wanted to inspire in all his students.

Throughout his career, Dudu was recognized for his ease in performing the ballet jump called Grand Jeté. The symbol was inspired by this leap, seeking to unite movement and Brazilianness in a modern and youthful language.

What was the solution?

Dancing is for everybody!


The Dudu Garcia brand invites us to explore the creativity and strength of our Brazilianness. A concept that harmonizes smooth movements, using a semi-serif typography that conveys a balance between classic and contemporary.

The symbol associates organic elements of nature, body movements and the lightness of the ribbons, so present in Brazilian cultural dances. For this, we brought color references that refer to joviality, well-being and especially beauty.

Colors that evoke joy, sophistication and surprise, and that give us a feeling of lightness. In addition, the shades of green, yellow and light pink give personality to the brand’s identity.

What was the result?

This visual identity project is very dynamic, containing a logo with several versions that changes according to the category of service offered by the company. Each version has an arrangement of ribbons, which draw the main symbol and reflect characteristic movements of Dudu’s dances.

To develop the visual identity of the Dudu Garcia brand, we delved into the universe of Brazilian dance and culture. An important aspect of the project was the need for a symbol that balances lightness with strength and evokes all the Brazilianness of the brand.

The brand that conveys joy, well-being and self-care. With online dance classes, it is possible to get out of a sedentary lifestyle and achieve a better quality of life amid the distancing restrictions still present in Brazil.


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