Arqsign | Branding – Tagline and Slogan

Arqsign | Branding – Tagline and Slogan

ArqSign is the digital document signature service created by Arquivar, a company recognized in Brazil and Latin America for its excellence in document management, using digital technologies for businesses to grow in an organized and secure manner. For the launch of ArqSign, it was important to develop communication pieces aligned with the brand’s DNA, and to produce high-impact branded content.

What was the challenge to be solved by Criamia?

A solid and recognized company like Archivar needed to go far beyond a modest launch for its newest service focused on the digital signature market. The ArqSign launch campaign should represent the essence of the company, differentiating the service in a market dominated by multinational competitors. Criamia was hired to develop strategic Branding tools such as the tagline (verbal signature) of the Brand and slogan for the launch campaign.


What was the solution?

Through two online immersions with the Arquivar team, aligned with research and ideation dynamics, we mapped the most relevant points for brand communication. It was necessary to highlight the ArqSign solution from its competitors, bringing the DNA of its parent company, Arquivar. We understand that the signature is something extremely personal and unique, which in theory only you can do. But all the remaining work can be delegated and will be done by the ArqSign platform, optimizing time and allowing each client to focus on the most important tasks for the growth of their business. Based on this concept, we developed the brand tagline and two slogan options for launching the platform.

What was the result?

Tagline: Digitalizar para Crescer (Go digital to grow).

The tagline created by Criamia translates ArqSign’s promise to provide the most secure electronic signature solution for your business growth. With the ArqSign solution you save time, reduce printing costs and enjoy the ease of signing your documents from anywhere, at any time and with complete security.

Slogan: É só assinar! (It’s just signing!)

The launch slogan translates in a direct and impactful way the purpose of the Arqsign solution.

The signature is yours, the rest leave it to us!

Based on the concept of the slogan “It’s just signing!”, we created a series of branded content to support the Brand’s online communication in different contexts and points of contact.


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