Branding for Quero RiRR + | Orthodontic Clinics

Odontologia Estética (Aesthetic Dentistry), Vamos RiRR +

Branding for Quero RiRR + | Orthodontic Clinics

Odontologia Estética (Aesthetic Dentistry), Vamos RiRR +

RiRR é o melhor remédio  (Portuguese language pun, where rir means laughter – Laughter is the best medicine) | Branding for Orthodontic Clinics 

Criamia was invited to develop a complete branding strategy project for 6 orthodontic clinics. These clinics are located in several districts in Baixada Fluminense and in the Southern part of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Sul Fluminense). A one-year project of continuous development!

What was the challenge to be solved by Criamia?

When the partners came to our office, the clinics were set in various places. Each office had a totally different identity and no emotional connection to the service delivered. The challenge was to unite these clinics by creating a unique identity and adding brand value. The creation of a clinical group would be enabled with this work.

What is the solution?

The Branding for Quero RiRR +.

The first step in developing the appropriate strategy for unifying clinics was to go out into the market. We did research on what actual services the clinic offered, how the former Ortocenter was seen. Besides the fact the patients did not understand that Ortocenter was part of the same group, its name implied the idea of an Orthopedic Clinics.

We surveyed the background of the clinics and its history in Volta Redonda. The two founding partners Rodrigo and Resende initially set up a small office. The duo sought not only professional stability but also happiness for all through the right to smile. We identify that good laughs are part of the goal of those who worked and founded the office. Therefore, the new group was renamed Quero RiRR +. The double “R” is a tribute to the founding members. With this new name, the clinic can clearly expand its dental services, as well as work with orthodontic treatment.

After defining the name, we continued in the strategic process of defining brand behavior. Quero RiRR +  provides quality care to regions with little investment in health. It is present in Belford Roxo, Nova Iguaçu, Nilópolis, São João de Meriti, Duque de Caxias and Volta Redonda. To deliver happiness we need to speak a direct, young (which corresponds to the main public of the group), simple and objective language. Quero RiRR + is happy. It laughs. It’s light, joy, it’s about wanting to laugh.

We identified the extreme need to work a different olfactory identity during the clinics launching. Almost all respondents identified the scent of dental clinic as something that causes fear and a bad experience.

Along with the strategy we redesigned all its trade dress and verbal identity.  Criamia developed everything, from stationery and documentation to the interior design of the clinics, facades, and signs.

What is the result?

From Volta Redonda to Brazil. (A Successful Branding)

We developed a Brand Book telling the whole process and history of the clinics. From another Ortocenter in the world to Quero RiRR +. Currently the civil works at the pilot clinics are about to start. Meanwhile, the new members fall in love with the idea of ​​bringing RiRR+  to everyone and joining the society. In the future, Quero RiRR + is expected to be franchised throughout Brazil, a process that is already under development.

Vamos RiRR + (Portuguese pun meaning ‘Let’s laugh’)



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